Introduction to Seattle Donations

By running Seattle on your computer, you are contributing to a growing testbed of hundreds of machines around the world. Your donation will make available some resources on your computer for use by other Seattle users. The Seattle project strives to provide a testbed for more accurate network experimentation and to enable researchers to test their hypotheses on an testbed of Internet scale free of charge.

Thank you for donating to the Seattle testbed!

On the download page, you may notice that it specifies that this installation of Seattle will be crediting the donated resources to Seattle user flibble. By downloading the installer from this page, you are donating resources to this particular user.

The Seattle project provides a highly portable framework for remote execution. Seattle is secure and provides good performance-isolation. Programs that run on the donated resources are isolated so that a program cannot write or read files it is not supposed to or perform other insecure operations on your computer. The Seattle framework ensures fair play for each donation by isolating the performance of all program that run on the donated resources. Our promise to you is to use no more than 10% of your computer's resources. *

Installing Seattle

Running Seattle on your machine is easy. Simply start the install script (install.bat or, depending on the type of your system), and the application will do three things. (1) start the node manager program (2) start up the software updater, and (3) register the node manager to start automatically on system startup.

Pausing Seattle

To pause the execution of Seattle, run stop_seattle. To unpause Seattle, run start_seattle. During the paused period, your computer's resources will not be consumed by student programs.

Uninstalling Seattle

If you decide to end your donation, Seattle can be uninstalled simply by running the python script (or the script This process will stop the node manager, and remove all traces of Seattle from your system.

Who to contact for more help

The Seattle Clearinghouse portal is being actively worked on. We solicit and appreciate your comments concerning any aspect of your experience with using the web site and Seattle more generally.

Use our mailing list

Email the Seattle developers' mailing list at with any further questions about Seattle Clearinghouse, Seattle or anything else. We love receiving feedback and hearing from our users.

Read our Wiki

We have a growing collection of helpful resources for users of Seattle, Seattle Clearinghouse, and Repy (the Seattle programming language). Visit our main page to get started, or jump to more specific area of the site intended for programmers, educators, and contributors.

* Computational resources include RAM, CPU time, network bandwidth, and hard drive space. We're working on allowing users to specify a user-defined percentages or absolute values for each of these resources.