What is Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse is a web-based portal for managing Seattle resources. These resources are donated by users who have installed Seattle on their machines. In return these users are allowed to use resources donated by others. Clearinghouse enables users of donated resources to acquire nodes around the world on which they can then execute programs written in Repy, the Seattle platform programming language. Clearinghouse also lets users to share their resources with other users, and perform a variety of other tasks. For more information about about how Clearinghouse fits with the rest of the Seattle platform, see this page.

How to Register

You are required to fill out five fields as part of the registration process.

How to Login

Enter your username and password to log into the portal.

Lost passwords

If you forget your password or your username, please email seattle-devel@googlegroups.com. For password reset requests, we validate that you are able to receive mail from the email address listed under the account.

Who to contact for more help

The Seattle Clearinghouse portal is being actively worked on. We solicit and appreciate your comments concerning any aspect of your experience with using the web site and Seattle more generally.

Use our mailing list

Email the Seattle developers' mailing list at seattle-devel@googlegroups.com with any further questions about Seattle Clearinghouse, Seattle or anything else. We love receiving feedback and hearing from our users.

Read our Wiki

We have a growing collection of helpful resources for users of Seattle, Seattle Clearinghouse, and Repy (the Seattle programming language). Visit our main page to get started, or jump to more specific area of the site intended for programmers, educators, and contributors.